Orthodontic Treatment

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As a specialist field, Orthodontics is concerned with straightening and aligning the teeth and jaw. Treating crooked, crowded or mal-aligned teeth and jaws helps to improve both the function and appearance of your teeth and the overall structure and wellbeing of your mouth.

Poorly aligned teeth and jaws can dramatically impact your quality of life, affecting speech, breathing ability and chewing. Crooked, crowded and mal-aligned teeth are also harder to clean and maintain which increases your chances of developing tooth decay, dental caries and gum (periodontal) disease.

Why choose braces?

An aesthetically pleasing smile is the obvious advantage of orthodontic treatment. Improved function and structure of the teeth and jaws are also significant benefits often creating savings in the long-term as less money is spent on the additional care required to maintain poorly aligned teeth and jaws.

After obtaining his Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) at Sydney University, Dr Marshall then obtained his Masters degree (MDSc). He then went to the US and spent a number of years studying at Oregon Health Sciences University where he was awarded his Certification in Orthodontics (Cert Orth) 

Dr Marshall now has over 25 years experience and achieves simply stunning results for his patients.


At Mountains Orthodontics we understand that different age groups not only require different treatment options and approaches due to the developmental stages of the teeth and jaw.

For this reasons we have divided our treatment sections into 3 main parts

  1. Early Treatment (Phase I)
  2. Teen or Adolescent Treatment (Phase II Braces & Invisalign)
  3. Adult Treatment (Predominately Invisalign)

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